JUNE 1, 2004

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Triangle Finnish Association (TFA) is to celebrate, sustain, and represent to the North Carolina community the cultural heritage of Finland, and to pass the appreciation of the culture to succeeding generations.


Membership is open to all Finns, Americans of Finnish descent, and friends of Finnish culture.  Membership is established by payment of annual membership dues.


The Board is an open council comprised of the Officers and all currently enrolled Members at large.  The Board has an annual, announced meeting that is open to all Members.  Additional Board meetings will be held at the request of the Board or Members at large in consultation with the President.



Provide leadership as Executive Officer; preside over Board meetings and general membership meetings; supervise the other officers.

President Elect

Assist the President; serve in the President’s absence; succeed the President.


Write the annual newsletter; provide notification to the membership of meetings and activities by mail and/or email; take minutes at Board Meetings or appoint a recorder if unable to serve; maintain a mailing list of active group members.


Maintain group financial records; provide an annual report to the Board and membership on TFA financial status.


Maintain the website; post announcements and reports on group activities on the website.

Activity Coordinators

Direct one of the social activities listed above, or other activities as approved by the Board, by securing the location, soliciting volunteers to assist, and defining the program

International Festival Coordinator

Coordinate with the Festival management (International Focus) and TFA to develop a design plan; coordinate booth design and construction; and organize booth staffing

Term of Office

Term of office for each Officer is one year.  New officers begin their term in January.  Officers, excepting the President and President Elect, may serve for more than one term.  If an Officer is unable to complete their term, the President shall nominate a successor to be approved by the Board. 


The Officers shall be approved by the Board, elected in a Board meeting open to all members.

Nominating Committee

A Nominating Committee of 2 or more persons shall solicit members to serve as officers.  The Board will designate the Nominating Committee from the membership, or members will volunteer to serve.  Board, nominating committee members, and officers shall have maintained membership in the TFA for more than one year in order to serve.

Membership Dues and Activity Fees

Dues are paid annually; the Board determines the amount of dues it deems necessary to cover TFA expenses based on past and anticipated membership costs. 

Active Membership

Members shall maintain active membership by paying annual dues.   Members whose dues are in arrears shall be notified in the annual newsletter in February (or by email) and their membership shall be discontinued is dues are not received within 30 days of notification.

The costs of individual TFA events and activities are charged separately following the same principles as annual dues.

Activity Fees 

The Board shall set the fee to be charged for any activity requiring expenditure of TFA funds.  The Board shall strive to set the fee to match as closely as possible the cost of the activity. Within 2 weeks after each group activity requiring an entrance fee, the Treasurer shall report to the President on whether the collected fee covered group expenses, as well as the current financial status.  The President is responsible for bringing significant differences in activity balances to the attention of the Board.

Annual Social Activities


Laskiainen (Shrove Tuesday)

                        Vappu (May Day)

                        Juhannus (Midsummer)

                        Itsenäisyyspäivä  (Finnish Independence Day)

Raleigh International Festival

Public Representation of Finnish Culture to the Community

Other Meetings and Activities as determined by the Board in the Annual Meeting.

When possible, the TFA will host visiting Finnish artists, scholars, and government representatives when they are in the Triangle area.


If the Board elects to cease the group’s activities, any remaining funds in the group accounts shall be donated by the Treasurer to Suomi Seura in recognition of their prior support of the TFA.

Assumption of Bylaws

This document defines the bylaws of the TFA as of June 1, 2004.

Modification of Bylaws

The Bylaws shall be reviewed at the annual Board Meeting and may be amended by a majority vote of the Members present at the meeting.