Photos from Finn Grand Fest 2000

Toronto - Canada

July 13 - 16, 2000

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In Germany living Finnish singer and songwriter, Jukka Kuoppamaki and his daughter Taika perform songs "Sininen ja valkoinen" (Blue and white) and "Juuret Suomessa" (Roots in Finland).[20k]. jukka A Finnish Folkdance Performance at the Opening Ceremonies.[21k] Finn Gran Fest 2000
A Finnish Folkdance Performance[20k]. folkdance View from the CN Tower. In the middle of the picturec The City Hall of Toronto, that is designed by the Finnish Architect Viljo Rewell.[19k] View from the CN Tower
Christmas feelings with Kokkolan Tiernapojat (Christmas Messengers).
This traditional performance originated in 19th centure in northern Ostrobothnia, where boys went from house to house performing this story which is based on the happenings at the time of Christ's birth.[20k]
tiernapojat A Carelian Costume.[16k] Folk costume
Kokkolan Aijakoori from Kokkola, Finland.[18k] Aijakoori Korsukuoro from Vancover, BC Canada.[16k] Korsukuoro
Welcome to Finn Fest USA 2001 Philadelphia, PA USA, July 26 - 29 2001.[16k] philadelpfia
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